Item Code: NF70
Frame: High elasticity carbon + M40X + Super HMG + VDM
Shaft: High strength carbon
Length: 10 mm longer
Balance: Headlight
Joint: New built-in T-Joint
Weight / Grip 4U (Ave.83g) 6
Stringing Advice: 4U: 18 – 26 lbs,
Recommended String: Control Players: BGSKY, Hard Hitters: NBG95
Technology: Sonic Flare System, M40X, Isometric, Solid Feel core, New Built-in T Joint, Super Slim Shaft, Energy Boost Cap, VDM

Colors: Coral Pink(299)

Made In Japan

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A new carbon fiber that has both “elastic modulus” and “strength” that are difficult to achieve at the same time. Achieves 5U headlights with unprecedented performance and surface stability.

Yonex’s unique square frame shape “Isometric” realizes a sweet area that is wider in the vertical and horizontal directions than a general circular frame by equalizing the lengths of the vertical and horizontal strings. Born from Yonex, this technology was the first badminton racket in the world to be installed in the Isometric 500 released in 1992 after winning numerous titles with top players in tennis. Since then, it has been popular with many players as a world standard.

Sonic Flare System
Highly elastic carbon is placed on the top of the frame to improve the repelling and improve the initial injection speed of the shuttle, while the lower part of the frame uses the new carbon material “Trading Card ® M40X” that has both strength and high elasticity. Greatly improves surface stability and play, and contributes to weight reduction of the frame.

Solid Feel Core
By incorporating a foaming agent inside the frame, harmful vibration during hitting is cut.

Aero + box shape
A quick swinging aero shape and a box shape that stores power are used in the right place.

New built-in T-shaped joint
By combining epoxy resin and foaming agent, surface stability is further improved and controllability is improved.

Super Slim Shaft
The slimmed shaft cuts air resistance and enhances operability.

Energy Boost Cap
The shape that makes the shaft easier to bend and suppresses twisting transfers the energy accumulated by bending to the shuttle without loss. In addition, surface blurring is reduced and controllability is improved.

Vibration Dampening Mesh. A special mesh-like vibration absorbing material is built into the grip. By using it in a wider range than before, vibration absorption is increased and a comfortable shot feeling is realized.