Spend and Win Malaysia Open Ticket:
1. Event duration is from 1st June 2022- 20th June 2022
2. Any purchases from selected platform or physical stores will count as an entry.
3. Entries will be monitored ONLY from Vsmash Website (vsmash.com) and physical stores (Kuchai Branch, PJ Branch)
4. A MINIMUM spend of RM500 (excluding shipping fee) is required for the entry.
5. Any shuttlecock purchase are not counted in the final order amount.
6. Physical store participants will be required to fill up a Google Form by scanning the QR Code in order to participate.
7. Participants are required to keep their receipt(s)/invoice(s) for future winner validation. Failing which to present their receipts, participants who have been selected as winners, may be denied from redeeming their prizes.
8. Winners will be announced on 21st June 2022 and drawn via lucky draw manner (Random Name Picker).
9. Entries will be based on the period of purchase within 1st June 2022- 20th June 2022.
10. Vsmash will have the right to change the terms and conditions without prior notice.
11. Vsmash will have the final saying.